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What is the Your Strength Coach Workout Creator?

This workout creator was created for people that don’t need the one-on-one attention that comes from my other online training options but still need some help coming up with workouts. This system is totally personalized, customizable, progresses over time, and easy to use.

You simply pick how long and often you want to commit each week to your fitness, your current fitness level, and any equipment you have access to (even if you have none) and the system will create customized, progressive workouts that match your needs. If anything is too easy or difficult you can easily modify that exercise with the click of a button.

Features and Benefits

Custom Workouts Delivered Each Week

Full Body Workouts that Include Cardio

Never Get Bored Again

Fits Your Schedule

Instructional Videos for Each Exercise

Great Results

Modify Your Workouts as Needed

Easy to Setup and Use

Cancel Anytime

Workout at Home or in the Gym

Workouts Developed by a Certified Trainer

Affordable Pricing

How It Works

1) Create Your Account

Simply give us your name, email address, and set up your password

2) Tell Us More About You

Just answer some simple questions like “What is your fitness level?”, “How much time do you want to devote?” and “What type equipment do you have access to. If any?”. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment, or are just not sure how to answer these questions, we have you covered!

3) Start Working Out – That’s it!

Every week we will provide you with new workouts that will keep you interested and progressing. On top of that, you will receive weekly emails with fitness and nutritional tips to help you attain your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does This Cost?

I offer two payment options. $19.99 per month if you pay month to month. $15.75 per month if you sign up for one year.

Can I adjust my workouts if I need to?
Absolutely! There are lots of ways to do this. You can readjust the entire plan if your schedule changes or you get access to new equipment, and you can also modify individual exercises within workouts. Every exercise has several progressions so there is always a way to make the workouts harder or easier as you desire.
Do I need any equipment?
Nope! Certainly the more you have, the more options we have to play with, but your body and a little space are all you need. The program will adjust to match your resources and you can even update your program if you go on vacation or don’t have access to your normal equipment.
Who is this right for?
This personalized workout creator was created to support people that know they need to work out, but don’t know what to actually do. We wanted to remove the obstacle of coming up with workouts or judging whether the ones you find online are suitable for you.

All of our programs are comprehensive in nature and cover all the major body parts throughout the week. They are general in the sense that they cover everything without specializing in any one aspect of fitness. You won’t be setting any world records with our program, but if you just want to get in shape and improve your general fitness, they are perfect.

What if I can't do certain exercises?
We understand some exercises are too challenging for some people, so we include many progressions and regressions for each exercise. If one exercise is too difficult, you can switch to another exercise that targets the same areas, but it a little easier.
Where do the workouts come from?
Great question! Our creator, Brian Gwaltney, has been a coach for over 10 years and has worked with thousands of individual personal training clients. During that period, he found that most of us need the same things. We all need to push stuff, pull stuff, squat, hinge, and work on the core.

Knowing that, Brian created an exercise database categorized by movement type. Our system selects an exercise from each category based on the parameters you set, creates a workout with those exercises, and systematically progresses them overtime.

With that system in place, you can be confident every workout will cover everything you need it to, but also add some variety to keep it changing and engaging.

Is there a fee to join?
Nope. We offer a 14-Day Trial to see if you like it and then charge you based on the payment option you select.
What's the cancellation policy?
You can cancel anytime with a few clicks. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we won’t make it difficult to leave.